Welcome to the Policy Group on Tradeswomen's Issues (PGTI)

PGTI, a regional collaboration of construction industry stakeholders, including tradeswomen, building trades unions, contractors, government representatives, community organizations and researchers, has met bi-monthly since 2008 to work on the persistent policy failure to open up good jobs in the construction trades to women. 

Our three-pronged approach to increase women's participation in construction careers includes: recruitment, retention, and compliance and enforcement.


The NERCC has released a great video to recruit women to become union carpenters.

PGTI has released a new one-page strategy sheet, "Game Changers," to provide stakeholders and community members like you with a short overview of the best practices for increasing women's access to quality jobs in the construction field. To hear more about these best practices, visit our meetings & events page for an overview of the March 2014 Game Changers Labor Breakfast Seminar.

Our Resources

Workforce participation data to support monitoring of Target Projects in Boston.

Finishing the Job: Best Practices for a Diverse Workforce in the Construction Industry for companies, organizations, and unions to develop strategies to build a diverse construction workforce.

Unfinished Business: Building Equality for Women in the Construction Trades to provide a historical overview of policy efforts to integrate women into construction.

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